You may be surprised with all the things we can and do clean at Hampton’s Superior! If you have something that you would like to have cleaned, don’t hesitate to ask. Here are just a few of the many things we do:

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

We’ve cleaned over 5,000 wedding dresses in our history, so you’re in the very best of hands. Our processes are famous for being both gentle and effective and we have brides come to us from all throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Our designated bridal care specialists treat you and your wedding items with the special care and attention you deserve and we understand the unique needs and pressures you’re facing. We even offer discounted pricing on the extra cleanings that are often needed with outdoor photo sessions, etc..  We also offer the very finest wedding dress preservation using museum-quality boxes, allowing you to pass on your special dress on to future generations.


We know drapes and we can help you through all aspects of the cleaning process.

Varsity Jackets and School Sweaters

We are proud to be the dry cleaner of choice for Coleman Knitting Mills, Ogden’s legendary provider of school sweaters, varsity and cheer jackets and uniforms. We have the experience to keep your high school memories looking fresh and new.


Industrial and service uniforms are handled with the same dedication and professionalism you expect from the people that wear them.


Hampton’s Superior is honored to offer free US flag cleaning. We’ve cleaned US flags for free ever since World War II.


Hampton’s Superior offers professional alteration and repair. Do you need pants shortened? How about repairing a split seam or replacing the zipper on your favorite jacket? In most cases, we can fix it and extend the life if a cherished garment for many years to come.

Our Basic Price List

Starting at: Our Price Compare
Red Hanger
Regular Laundered Dress Shirt $3.24 $3.60
Knit / Golf Shirt 5.35 5.95
Blouse (Hand Pressed) 7.45 8.95
Shirt (Hand Pressed) 7.45 8.95
Pants / Jeans 7.80 8.95
Skirt 7.80 8.95
Dress 13.45 15.95
Suit (2 pc) 15.95 18.55
Sport Coat / Blazer 8.65 9.60
Sweater 7.80 8.95
Wedding Dresses
Service Uniforms

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your order will be ready to wear, on time – guaranteed. If you are not happy with our service, we will do whatever it takes for you to receive the treatment you expect and deserve.